2013-09-26 10:21
We are happy to share with you the final output of the MEDISSA component. The MEDISSA partners from all five countries developed “Guidelines for Community-Based Drug Prevention in Central Asia”. The guidelines are a milestonme in knowledge management and evaluation of the fifth phase of CADAP.
2013-07-05 09:31
On the first of July CADAP represenstative in Kazakhstan Natalja Sarussinskaja handed over project equipment to the Centre of medical-social rehabilitation in Astana.
2013-07-04 13:44
The 11th edition of the CADAp newsletter has been finalized.Please enjoy reading the latest edition.CADAP Newsletter English  CADAP Рассылка  This is the last edition of CADAP 5's newsletter.The EU has already announced a sixth phase of CADAP and you will find all informations on CADAP on this website.

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Welcome to CADAP 5

The Central Asia Drug Action Programme (CADAP) is an EU funded programme dedicated to assisting the further development of effective, comprehensive drug policies in Central Asia and extending the achievements of previous CADAP phases. The main goal of the programme is to encourage Central Asian governments to commit to sustainable strategies in the field of drug addiction and to bring current systems of drug addict prosecution into accordance with international strategies and standards.
 CADAP 5 is structured into four components that simultaneously implement national and regional capacity building activities of what are considered to be cornerstones of a successful drug policy:
data collection/ treatment methodologies/ information strategies/ networking.
The programme has a regional outreach combining networking and capacity building on the regional level with national activities adjusted to the identified needs and requirements in the five Central Asian partner countries.

The German Federal Ministry of Health has entrusted the coordination of the CADAP project to the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. The GIZ is supported by scientific partners from the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany


In memory of Mrs. Dilbar Gafarova

The CADAP 5 team has been deeply hurt by the death of our much valued colleague Mrs. Dilbar Gafarova. We will always remember her open and joyful personality, her big heart for people in need and her outstanding kindness. Our thoughts are with her family and friends during this difficult time.

Greetings of the German Federal Government's Drug Commissioner

As the German Federal Government's Drug Commissioner I am delighted that an European consortium led by Germany has been entrusted by the European Union with the implementation of the Central Asian drug prevention programme CADAP 5. An experienced and motivated team of international experts and local specialists ensures the successful implementation of the constituent project components in each of the partner countries.

In recent months I myself have had the opportunity to meet with a variety of actors from the fields of drug policy and drug rehabilitation in Central Asia. These encounters made it clear to me that the partner countries are making every endeavour to develop a coherent and sustainable set of drug policies. In this context the CADAP 5 Programme is regarded on the part of Central Asian stakeholders as a valuable partner.
In Germany, as in Europe as a whole, drug addiction is regarded as a challenge which can only be overcome via co-operation between all sectors of society. State and non-state actors, as well regional and national institutions, must work hand in hand in order to coordinate their approaches, since drug policy is the result of a continuous process of learning, listening and co-operation, to be driven forward in a spirit of impartiality and sensitivity.

I am confident that CADAP 5 will stand in support of the countries of Central Asia in this process. I wish all project partners success in the implementation of the CADAP 5 programme.

Mechthild Dyckmans,
German Federal Government's Drug Commissioner



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