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We are happy to share with you the final output of the MEDISSA component. The MEDISSA partners from all five countries developed “Guidelines for Community-Based Drug Prevention in Central Asia”. The guidelines are a milestonme in knowledge management and evaluation of the fifth phase of CADAP.
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On the first of July CADAP represenstative in Kazakhstan Natalja Sarussinskaja handed over project equipment to the Centre of medical-social rehabilitation in Astana.
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The 11th edition of the CADAp newsletter has been finalized.Please enjoy reading the latest edition.CADAP Newsletter English  CADAP Рассылка  This is the last edition of CADAP 5's newsletter.The EU has already announced a sixth phase of CADAP and you will find all informations on CADAP on this website.

Upcoming Events

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Capital:               Astana
Population:         16,4 Mio              
BIP per capita:     $ 7065    




Drug situation in Kazakhstan
Drug addiction continues to increase in Kazakhstan from year to year; 51 366 narcotic drug users were registered as of 2010. This spread of drug addiction poses a threat to the socioeconomic development of Kazakhstan.

The problem of drug dependence is related to several socio-economic and socio-psychological factors and the threat of the Afghan opiate expansion. Up to 15% of narcotic drugs produced in Afghanistan transit through the countries of Central Asia and Kazakhstan to Russia and further on to Europe The second factor affecting the drug situation in Kazakhstan is the availability of huge areas used for the cultivation of drug-containing substances. Cannabis growing areas alone account for approximately 140 thousand hectares.(see Republic of Kazakhstan Drug Profile Annual Report 2008  for details)

 No special study on the prevalence of social problems related to drug use has been conducted to date in Kazakhstan, but the majority of registered and treated drug users, mainly heroin users, have psychic and behavioural disorders either caused by drug use or having led to drug use. 84% thereof had secondary and secondary vocational education, 78% were unemployed. The reason for starting with drug use was ‘curiosity’ (68%) or group pressure (17%).

Drug injection is associated with a high risk of contracting viral infections such as HIV or Hepatitis. HIV prevalence is still low at 4,2%, yet 61% of these HIV infections are caused by drug injection. Hepatitis C prevalence also remains low at 8,7%.


CADAP 5 in Kazakhstan 
The CADAP 5 Programme was launched in Kazakhstan starting from April 2010 with the implementation of a series of events.
To further implement the strategy of CADAP and enhance the anti-drug effort the following events have been planned (and in certain cases already conducted) for 2011:

  • Workshop on launching a publication in an international peer reviewed journal about treatment results in Pavlodar
  • Seminar on evaluation techniques with a special focus on OST;
  • Booster rehabilitation in female prisons in Kazakhstan
  • Study tours to Germany on drug addiction treatment based on the needs of the local community and specialists working on drug addiction treatment in correctional institutions
  • High-level Dialogue meeting on the implementation of the EU and Central Asia Drug Action Plan 2009-2013 under the Hungarian Presidency in Brussels
  • Study tour to the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) in Lisbon; internship of national experts in EMCDDA
  • National workshop on study planning of HCV among the drug user
  • National workshop on best practices in withdrawal syndrome therapy and medical rehabilitation of drug users.

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Three ground-breaking videos of the Kazakh media campaign on drug prevention are available for download:



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