3 Things a Sober Living House Can Do For You

The effects of sober living have been studied in-depth over a long period of time. A study in The Journal of Psychoactive Drugs highlighted sober living houses, along with where people that “graduate” from the program end up.

But what does this mean for the person struggling? What does this mean for someone who genuinely wants help, but doesn’t know how to break the cycle of addiction? It’s time to see what a sober living house can really do for you. There are essentially three main benefits that these centers bring to the table. They’re listed below in this article.

sober living houses

1. Boundaries

Most dysfunctional environments have a lack of boundaries. Boundaries, in their simplest form, help us determine how others treat us but more importantly, how we treat ourselves. It’s very easy to just assume that people will respect you, but that isn’t always the case. What you must do is focus on setting new boundaries. A sober living home does that by removing you from the toxic environment. It gives you a way to see people in a different life. Once you cannot use alcohol or other drugs, you have to interact with everyone and process emotions without relying on these substances. This helps your mind set new boundaries and when you return to your life, you will see a sharp contrast in many of the same people that used to enable or even participate in your drug abuse.

2. Community

Do you have a problem with heavy drinking due to loneliness or a sense of not having a purpose? A sober living home will help you find new hobbies to try, but the other residents will also gather around you. Lifting each other up is what these homes are all about!

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Handling Social Interactions While Facing Alcohol Addiction

Does being sober now mean that you can’t enjoy social gatherings? Some people believe that it does mean exactly that, and they should stay away from any party where there might be alcohol served. But that’s not the way to a healthy life. Sooner or later, there is going to be someone enjoying an alcoholic beverage. This means that two things have to change: your mindset, and your goals. You can’t make it a goal to never be around drinkers, because our culture assumes that adults are going to enjoy alcoholic beverages. You need to shift your thinking towards being comfortable in your own skin and your own beliefs, even if you’re surrounded by people that have different beliefs.

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There are three strong ways to handle social interactions while recovering from a drinking problem:

First, you need to understand that your problem isn’t everyone else’s problem. This means that while other people may be able to handle a few drinks, you already know that this isn’t you. And that’s totally okay: after all, you’re not the only person struggling with alcohol abuse issues. Plenty of people find that they just can’t handle alcohol, and they tend to crave it. We do not recommend mixed-company (that is, interacting at parties with drinkers) until you’re consistently sober. Reaching the year mark is great, because you can really see what a sober life looks like.

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