12 Step Programs and Addiction Recovery – A Winning Combination?

A life after addiction is achievable, as long as people are willing to do what’s necessary to make that life become reality. One way to do that is to go through a 12 step program, such as Alcohol Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. There are some strong advantages to going to a 12 step program, and we’ll cover them in this article.

First and foremost, you’re immediately placed into an understanding community. Gone are the days of trying to convince friends and family that you deserve worth as a person. If they can’t see it or if they’re dealing with addiction issues themselves, you can go a better network of people that are committed to supporting you. These programs are often free, run on donations only. So there’s no cost barrier keeping you from the support you need.

Addiction Recovery

Second, there’s a time tested framework in place.  There is a rulebook that guides all of the meetings, so everyone tends to stay on task. Can you really say that you would do better on your own, with no real support? Probably not. When you go to a meeting, you know that you’re going at the same time every week. You get to know people that aren’t judging you because of the decisions that you used to make.

Finally, there’s a sense of real community. Just because you don’t have to see these people outside of the meeting group doesn’t mean that they aren’t going to try to reach out and talk to you. We’ve seen cases where people went to AA and found new people to spend time with. When you first get done with your drug of choice, chances are good that the people that you used to socialize with aren’t going to be interested. After all, you left something that they’re not willing to leave just yet, so there is going to be some animosity there. That’s part of the process.

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